from 08 to 23/10/2022

To exhibit at the "Confluences" Festival you must:

- Complete the registration form below.
- Submit by email (cam.aiguillon@gmail.com) 10 to 12 images of paintings that you would like to exhibit (good quality images 1MB, specify title and dimensions with frame). The deadline for sending images of your paintings is August 31, 2021 . The selection committee will meet at the beginning of September, the list of selected artists will be quickly posted on the site. If you are selected the commission will choose 6 to 7 tables among the ten proposed. (4 to 6 will be exposed, 1 or more will be kept in reserve). Read also: full rules.

- If the artist is selected he will then have to pay the registration and membership fees for the association for a total amount of 70 € payable to CAM.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

- The artist will then automatically participate in the competition endowed with 2000 € in cash prizes to be shared + material from our sponsors. The artist can sell other products (postcards etc ...). Our association will recover 15% of the amount of sales.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Rental of frames : The Festival can take care of the framing of your paintings for a lump sum of € 50 in total for all of your paintings.

Free accommodation possible, with family, on request and to the extent possible.

Image de Pierre Bamin