A wink as a tribute

October 9 to 24, 2021


Joséphine Baker will enter the Pantheon on November 30, 2021, it is not a question of organizing a tribute to this great personality, others will do it much better than us, we just want, at our level, to remember that she has marked the city with its presence ”. In the 1950s, Aiguillon was lucky enough to receive her, she gave a gala in the courtyard of the Château d'Aiguillon.

The artist from Agen, Zélie, made a spray portrait of 2m x 1.20m which represents Josephine at the dawn of her glory, this portrait will be exhibited in the hall of the CAM. Thanks to the kindness of Studio Christian (photographer in Aiguillon) and the daughter of the Mayor at the time, Louis Jamet, we found two photos which immortalize this event and which will also be exhibited.

A duty of remembrance: If Joséphine enters the Pantheon it is because she marked history and it is important to remember the past of this great lady who was first of all Resistance. An intelligence agent, she passed information at the risk of her life, then she also went on a mission to North Africa, where she organized tours to support the Allied troops. Appointed second lieutenant of the auxiliary female troops of the French Air Force, she was decorated with the Legion of Honor, the Croix de Guerre and the Medal of the Resistance. An anti-racist activist, she then joined forces with Martin Luther King for civil rights in 1963. In France, she mobilized for the Lica, which would later become the Licra (International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism). It is also to the artist that we must pay homage: the singer, dancer, actress and magazine leader. Finally, the older ones remember more painful moments; Debt-ridden, in 1968 she had to leave the Château des Milandres, in the Dordogne, where she lived with her 12 children adopted on all continents. Joséphine Baker died in 1975 at the age of 68, she was buried in Monaco.